JLB Construction Company was founded by Justin Baker, a licensed residential contractor and home builder. With a background in construction,design, and business, Baker has moved the company from its beginnings in small renovation work to a full-service home building and remodeling company with a wide range of current projects, including kitchen and bath renovations, outdoor living spaces, full home renovations, additions, and custom new homes.

Our unique design/build approach empowers our clients to make informed decisions throughout the design and construction process and sets us apart from other general contractors and home builders in the Tri-State Area. Our cohesive, full-service approach relieves the frustrations often associated with the traditional owner/designer/builder triangle, where differing agendas can lead to conflict. With our process, the focus is on the best possible service and result for our clients.

Residential Contractor, Residential Contracting, Full Service Renovations, Full Service Home Building, Custom Kitchens

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Residential Contractor as well as Residential Contracting as well as Full Service Renovations as well as Full Service Home Building as well as Custom Kitchens

Residential Contractor

JLB Construction is your go to residential contractor. Whenever you are in the market for a new part of your home, instead of going to the others, rather come visit us. Not only does JLB provide full service renovations as well as full services home building, we specialize with custom kitchens. Whenever it comes to residential contracting, there is no place better to go. As a result of experience as well as know how, our team gets the job done for you.

Residential Contracting

Additionally, as a residential contractor, JLB follows the rules and regulations required for residential contracting. In other words, whenever you choice JLB for your full service home building, your safety comes first. Due to this, our customers have the trust in our team as well as the knowledge we have to get the job done. Furthermore JLB focuses on the leading areas in residential contracting, such as full service renovations.

Whether it’s a custom kitchen update, or a whole new addition, JLB Construction has it covered. At the end of the day, our customers keep coming back to us, due to our skilled team as well as our dedication to you. Each and each service we provide is high quality and top notch.

Full Service Renovations

Whenever it comes to full service renovations, it can be a hard job. Additionally residential contracting work like it is rough. With this in mind, our residential contractors are with you from start to finish. Because of our process, customers know that their dreams for their full service home building are possible. In the event that you are looking to change your home, you know who come to. JLB Construction offers top of the line services as well as a strong team of builders.

Regardless of the size of the job the team behind JLB has done it all. Overall, each member of our team is ready. In the event that something changes, all are easily notified as well as adjust to the situation. Furthermore, rather than worry about who is in your home, you can rest assured each team member goes through a thorough process before they become a part of our team.

Full Service Home Building

Whenever it comes to full service home building, you get all your needs done by the same company. In other words, instead of having to call multiple people as well as many companies, JLB does it all. In the event that somehow we don’t have the certain things you need, our company will find it for you. As a result of this promise, we get repeat customers for this exact reason.
Custom Kitchens

Whether it’s custom kitchens, or full service renovations, JLB knows how to get the job done through our residential contracting. As a leading residential contractor in the area, we know what to do with what you are looking for. Instead of choosing a construction company that you don’t know or trust, visit us at JLB. Contact us today and we can help you get started. Regardless of the amount of work needed, our team is ready to get the job done. Call us today!

Residential Contractor as well as Residential Contracting as well as Full Service Renovations as well as Full Service Home Building as well as Custom Kitchens